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Is there excess lint behind the dryer or on clothing?

Does dryer shut down or not dry clothes because is is overheating or over working? (The dryer may be screaming there is a fire potential ahead)


Are you experiencing longer drying time?


Is there less and less lint on the lint screen?


Is there lint around the door seal?


Are the clothes or dryer itself excessively hot at the end of a cycle?


Is there mold or smell in the dryer room/space?


Do you have a pet? Pet hair adds to obstruction in the vent and requires more frequent vent cleaning.


Gas dryer? Beware of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Summary: Most issues with drying clothes do  not start with the machine itself. It is the clogged dryer vent that makes the machine work too hard, get too hot and both shorten the life of the dryer and and become a fire hazard. 

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